Monday, February 25, 2008

Yoga attempt

Well, I now believe that Carla is trying to kill me *hehe I made it through about 15 min of the yoga workout. I've realized I really don't have adequate space, but I tried anyway. Watching the video, it didn't seem that difficult. YEA RIGHT........ I survived at least. I do have a question though - for those of you that do this sort of thing - my knees can't handle the floor. I think it comes from years of kneeling on concrete floors when working on computers. That and a few *cough extra pounds. It's truly painful.

On the knitting front, we had our local knitting group meeting this past Saturday. There were 4 of us there. We will be meeting again on the Saturday before Easter. Also, since 3 of the 4 of us are going to knit the Icarus shawl, we are going to start meeting on Thursday evenings at the library - 6pm. This is a knit-along that some of us in Arkansas decided to start. Our start date is March 1st, so the first Thursday after that, feel free to grab your needles and come join us!

Enough for now. I need a shower.....

Friday, February 22, 2008


Not much of a blog title, but well, that's what yesterday was - Thursday. And as with any day of the week, I had the best of intentions. I recently purchased Resistance cord workout and Yoga beginner kit. I've watched the yoga dvd and it doesn't look to bad. I even have a spot cleared out in my room so I can do the workout, but last night... oui! I got home from work, took a shower and then just collapsed. I have no idea why I was so exhausted. But tonight, I'm planning to do the yoga workout and probably watch the other workout. I like a preview so I know what to expect first. As Saturday is our NE Arkansas Knit day, hopefully the yoga won't kill me! Later!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

not much to see

an interesting blog

I'm still knitting and spinning, taking classes... the usual.

Oh.. one strange thing that happened - I walked into Barnes and Noble on Sunday to get my usual latte and the girl said to me "we were talking about you at our staff meeting". Hmmmm..... that gives a person pause. Turns out they want me to do a knitting class! How's that for an unusual day. I'm going to do it. It will probably be one of our "knit in public" days - so there will be lots of us there to help anyone who wants to learn to knit or to learn new techniques!

Enough for now - see... I told you there wasn't much to see!