Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Life goes on

Well, the car is in the shop being fixed. I've started on a pair of BBS for the "Socks for Soldiers" group. I'm supposed to have lunch tomorrow with one of my friends that is shipping out on Saturday.

Hmm... not much else going on today, although my fortune (from my fortune cookie with dinner) was amusing... "Be prepared to modify your plan." That had better not be in relation to the company coming in Friday. If he flakes out, I'll be PISSED! I've already spent $1400 toward this trip - a trip that would have cost me about $450 for just me since I'd be mooching off my friends rather than staying in a hotel! But then agian, the hotel looks pretty sweet so we'll see....

Hopefull I'll get a pic of the BBS posted soon. I'm done with the 4" of ribbing.. now to complete the 10 more inches of stocking stich before turning the heel. Geez.. these will be very tall socks!! but that's the requirement!

Back to work. It's my night on the desk.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Socks Finished and Car Crunched

Well, I finished my color blox socks! The heel is different from the first pic, but I like this way better. What do you think? I like the "fraternal" aspect.

Friday on the other hand wasn't the best of days.....

On Friday when I went to lunch - I was picking up food for me and one of the student workers at the library- I got more than I bargained for at Sonic. As I was driving around to get a ... er... spot so I could order, I was waiting on someone backing out a bit furthe up. Well, another guy decided to back out. Right into my car!!! He was in a plumbing company truck. There was someone right behind me, so I couldn't back up. All I could do was sit there and wait for him to hit me. I was blasting the horn, but nope... nothing. He just backed right into the front left of my baby....

Fortunately it's not horrible and no one was hurt, so now it just has to go to the body shop and me give the company the bill. I wonder how much it will be????

Well, time to start getting ready for Line Dancing!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sock Progress and more

Well, after frogging the heels, and then the cuff... I'm back working on the cuffs and it is going well. I'll post a pic as soon as I take one. I got in my sock bag also! It's so cute!!! I'll get a pic of that too! I have also cast on the top ribbing of one more pair of socks. yea, yea... must have many many projects on needles at once.. hehe.. One of these days I'll finish something! I'd better hurry actually. I'm waiting for my black yarn to come in for my "socks for soldiers". I'm hoping to get them started as soon as it comes in. I have yarn ordered from two places, but one order isn't finalized. The propriorter was out of town. Oh well.... Maybe I'll get these two pair done before the black yarn arrives!!!