Thursday, July 03, 2008


figured since I haven't updated lately, I should. Not much is going on - hence no update. I went to a dyeing workshop last weekend - dyed a skein of DK and a skein of sock yarn - all using a microwave. That was new to me. I'll try to take some photos. The weekend went rather well. I parked my car in North Little Rock and a friend who was taking the class picked me up there. I was having cell phone issues, so that worked out pretty well. The best part of that, when I got ready to head back home, I went in Barnes and Noble and ran into my best friend's folks! Her dad had triple by-pass surgery the week before!!! It was so good to see him up and around - although the scar on his leg where they took the veins from .... EWWWWWW..... but he really looked good!

I've gotten my second spinning wheel back - but it's being polyeutheraned. (yea, I'm sure that's spelled wrong - but blogger isn't offering any suggestions). I should have photos next week. I've also been having car issues. I no longer have an ABS. But the car runs, and the breaks work! That's what matters.

I'm spending the next few weeks in a workshop on using Blackboard 8. That's the course management system we have here at the university. I'm hoping to eventually put my entire course online. We'll see how it goes.

Class is about to start. Guess I should pay attention!


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Onestar said...

Pay attention in class?
What a strange concept. ;)

Good to hear things are going well, my dear.

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Fletch said...

Glad to hear things are going ok. Would love to see some pictures of the new spinning wheel once you get it all up and running. Let me know how Blackboard is, heard alot about it but never have had the opportunity to play with it. Hope your 4th went well; the family and I sat at the waterfront and enjoy the blues festival and the fireworks show.
PS: My Friend has claimed her lammas.


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