Thursday, January 03, 2013

Reading tonight

What an I bringing with me into 2013? The page of wands. Good ideas leading to success

What faces me now? King of Swords. Perceptive, strong willed, intelligent man. Hmm. How about those words describing me? That would be promising as I face qualifying exams

Finally, what will the year being? 10 of Swords reversed. Evil overthrown, courage, success, recovery, turning toward higher sources. Much more positive than I first thought when I saw the card


All of this is regarding the upcoming academic ventures. Qualifying exams, and the upcoming conference in January, readings classes for qualms prep... Sounds like I might make it through the year


On the down side, I am up 7lbs. Granted, I have been in a 2month "I don't give a damn" slump. I am concerned that vacation won't make things any better. I will be eating out for two weeks! That is not going to help, but I should be doing more walking!

Must get back regularly to the gym. I am considering a Pilates class also to help with my back, core, and general posture.