Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Spinning Wheel - NOT

Well, I had agreed with a "lady" to buy her used spinning wheel. I told her I'd get the check to her as soon as I could - I get paid on the 15th. Well, I mailed the check on Monday of this week - after the hospital thing, it wasn't exactly in the forefront of my mind. Today I get this message from her:

"hmmmm - the mail has come and again no check from you. I’m beginning the get the message that you no longer want the wheel. Thanks fine, I only wish you had told me this instead of ignoring the issue. I had tried to do a favor for you.
I will now offer the wheel to someone else. Hopefully, not to late to make another deal."

So much for her doing me a favor - after all, I was just paying her to get a spinning wheel that she doesn't use out of her way....

Guess I'm not getting another wheel. And yea, I'm pissed. Now I have to decide whether to pay to stop the payment on the check or not, or whether to trust her not to cash it. /sigh

**update** she contacted me and said she will return the check.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weird law

I'm not sure exactly what the law is - and whether it's state or more local, but you can't buy a sampler bottle of liquor in the area I live in. You know - those little bottles like you get on airplanes. Strange....

not much going on here. Oh... for those that know, it's pancreatitis. So nothing fatal, just a long hospital stay - about 5-7 days.

Got my Bach's in. Am needing to order some more, but am waiting to hear from a friend who might order with me - saves on shipping. Now to get a dosage bottle. Been doing 2 drops under the tongue once a day - uses it rather fast, but...

Not much else to tell. Will hopefully break out the camera this weekend and take photos of fiber I've been blending and of my small skein of alpaca I spun.